The real cost of a Light Globe

Posted by Dave Fromentin on

What's the real cost of buying a cheaper Globe (Incandescent/Halogen/CFL)

Ideally it makes sence to choose the light bulb that will cost you the least, in the long run. So how do we know what is the right kind to buy. Two of the main differences between lighting technologies are LIFESPAN and EFFICIENCY.

The cost of the light bulb you choose doesn't stop after you purchase it. Example you buy a Incandescent or Halogen globe between $2-$4 vs the LED Globe ($5-$9) you save $3-$5. However over a 10 year period you wil need to buy 6 or 8 replacement incandescent globes at $2 -$4 costing you $16- $24 vs one LED globe of $5- $9. So the cheaper Globe actually cost you more. This is just on the LIFESPAN. THATS PER GLOBE

If we include the energy usage per year on the different globes the Less use 1/4 -1/2 half the energy of the incandescent and halogen globes saving you even more money. 

In conclusion  while a halogen bulb is cheaper to buy LEDS Globes last 5-10 times longer and consumes a quarter of the energy. 

So what globe is actually cheaper in the long run


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