Steps when replacing old Fluro tube for a LED Tube

Posted by Dave Fromentin on

This is a really easy process. for this Example I'm replacing your traditional Fluro tubes and their starters, not removing the ballast. As removing the ballast doesn't make your LED conversion consume less electricity.

  1. Turn off the power
  2. Turn old Fluro tube 90* and Slide out
  3. Locate Starter the can be on the side or under the tube or even in the roof cavity of the unit
  4. Once located twist and pull 
  5. Replace the Starter with the new LED starter bu inserting and twisting
  6. Slide new LED Fluro tubes using the two pins and rotate 90* (insure the internal reflector is facing up as to reflect the light in the direction needed)
  7. Turn Power back on and enjoy watching the saving add up



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