Compare LED's by Lumens NOT Wattage

Posted by Dave Fromentin on

We should not use Watts any more to compare two led products. Among other factors, the main thing to compare is their respective lumen outputs. Each LED product will have a lumen number e.g. 800, the greater this number the brighter the light. 

I am always having customers question that they want a higher wattage, or that they can get a higher watt for half the price. Yet when i respond with "fantastic, may i compare their lumen output (the unit of brightness) per watt" I'm left with a "What ....umen?"

Watts have nothing to do with how bright a light bulb is. Yes, it was the way we measured it in the past but times are changing.  I repeat, Watts have nothing to do with how bright a light globe is. Watts are a measure of power usage. The lower the wattage, the less electricity it uses. The idea is to use less Watts while maintaining high Lumens.

The better the quality of the LED the higher Lumen per Watt rating is E.g. 90 lumens per Watt


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